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Pioneering Power: Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the UK

Unveiling the Innovators in the UK's Battery Landscape

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Pioneering Power: Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the UK

The UK, a leader in technological innovation, is home to several leading battery manufacturers. These companies have made significant strides in energy storage solutions, providing batteries for a range of applications, including electric vehicles (EVs), grid storage, and more. This article delves into the top 10 battery manufacturers in the UK, offering a comprehensive overview, analysis of battery range and features, and a case study demonstrating their impact in the industry.

1. Johnson Matthey Battery Systems

1.1 Overview

Founded in 1817, Johnson Matthey is a multinational speciality chemicals and sustainable technologies company headquartered in London. They started their Battery Systems division to capitalise on the increasing demand for electric vehicles and energy storage solutions.

Table 1: Johnson Matthey Battery Systems Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
Johnson Matthey Battery SystemsLondon, UK1817Chemicals, Sustainable Technologies, Battery Systems

1.2 Battery Range and Features

Johnson Matthey Battery Systems is particularly recognised for their high-energy battery packs. They produce lithium-ion battery systems, which are popular in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Their batteries are distinguished by their long cycle life, safety, and high performance.

Table 2: Johnson Matthey Battery Systems Features

Battery TypeApplicationsKey Features
Lithium-ion batteryHybrid and Electric VehiclesLong cycle life, Safety, High performance

1.3 Case Study

Johnson Matthey has supplied lithium-ion batteries to several leading electric vehicle manufacturers. For instance, they were chosen by Modec, a UK-based commercial electric vehicle manufacturer, as the battery supplier for their new EV. Modec reported significant improvements in vehicle range and overall performance after the switch.

Pioneering Power: Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the UK

2. Britishvolt

2.1 Overview

Britishvolt is a newcomer to the UK battery manufacturing scene, but it is poised to make a significant impact. Founded in 2019, the company’s mission is to build the UK’s first large-scale battery factory to address the increasing demand from the electric vehicle market.

Table 3: Britishvolt Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
BritishvoltBlyth, Northumberland, UK2019Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing

2.2 Battery Range and Features

Britishvolt is focusing on lithium-ion batteries, aiming to create batteries with high energy density and long lifetimes. Their goal is to help drive the transition towards cleaner, greener energy.

Table 4: Britishvolt Battery Features

Battery TypeApplicationsKey Features
Lithium-ion batteryElectric Vehicles, Energy StorageHigh energy density, Long lifetime

2.3 Case Study

Britishvolt made headlines with their plans to build a ‘gigafactory’ in Blyth, Northumberland. This factory, once completed, will be one of the largest battery production facilities in the UK, capable of producing enough batteries to power around 300,000 electric vehicles annually.

3. Cumulus Energy Storage

3.1 Overview

Established in 2014, Cumulus Energy Storage is committed to developing and manufacturing advanced, affordable, and reliable grid-level energy storage. They specialise in copper-zinc based rechargeable grid storage batteries.

Table 5: Cumulus Energy Storage Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
Cumulus Energy StorageSheffield, UK2014Grid-level Energy Storage

3.2 Battery Range and Features

Cumulus Energy Storage manufactures copper-zinc based rechargeable batteries. These batteries offer a sustainable alternative for grid-level energy storage, boasting an ability to last for over 10,000 cycles with minimal degradation.

Table 6: Cumulus Energy Storage Battery Features

Battery TypeApplicationsKey Features
Copper-zinc rechargeable batteryGrid-level Energy StorageOver 10,000 cycles, Minimal degradation

3.3 Case Study

One of Cumulus’ most significant accomplishments was the development of their 0.5 MWh demonstration system. This grid-scale system proved the commercial viability of their copper-zinc battery technology, opening new avenues for sustainable and large-scale energy storage.

4. AMTE Power

4.1 Overview

AMTE Power was established in 2013 with the aim to create advanced lithium battery cells to meet the increased global demand for high-quality energy storage. They have a particular focus on specialist markets, including automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas industries.

Table 7: AMTE Power Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
AMTE PowerThurso, Scotland, UK2013Advanced Lithium Battery Cells

4.2 Battery Range and Features

AMTE Power designs and manufactures a range of lithium battery cells. These batteries are distinguished by their high-energy density, safety features, and versatility, making them suitable for a wide array of applications.

Table 8: AMTE Power Battery Features

Battery TypeApplicationsKey Features
Lithium battery cellsAutomotive, Aerospace, Oil and GasHigh energy density, Safety, Versatility

4.3 Case Study

In 2020, AMTE Power and Britishvolt announced a collaboration to further the development of battery technologies in the UK. The partnership’s objective is to establish a supply chain for a diverse range of lithium-ion batteries to support the country’s industrial strategy and the move towards electrification.

5. Hyperdrive Innovation

5.1 Overview

Hyperdrive Innovation was established in 2012. This Sunderland-based company is dedicated to the development and manufacture of lithium-ion battery technology, catering to automotive, industrial, and renewable energy markets.

Table 9: Hyperdrive Innovation Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
Hyperdrive InnovationSunderland, UK2012Lithium-ion Battery Technology

5.2 Battery Range and Features

Hyperdrive Innovation’s product offering focuses on high-performance lithium-ion batteries. Their batteries stand out for their energy density, modularity, and sophisticated battery management systems.

Table 10: Hyperdrive Innovation Battery Features

Battery TypeApplicationsKey Features
Lithium-ion batteryAutomotive, Industrial, Renewable EnergyHigh energy density, Modularity, Sophisticated Battery Management System

5.3 Case Study

Hyperdrive Innovation partnered with Hitachi Rail to develop battery packs that could power trains. This partnership has had a significant impact on the railway industry, offering a potential solution to diesel dependency and paving the way for cleaner, more sustainable railways.

Pioneering Power: Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the UK

6. OXIS Energy

6.1 Overview

Founded in 2005, OXIS Energy is at the forefront of developing Lithium-Sulfur (Li-S) battery technology, with a focus on safety, energy density, and affordability. The company aims to transform markets with its ground-breaking battery systems.

Table 11: OXIS Energy Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
OXIS EnergyAbingdon, Oxfordshire, UK2005Lithium-Sulfur Battery Technology

6.2 Battery Range and Features

OXIS Energy is pioneering the development of Li-S batteries, which are known for their lightweight design, improved safety, and superior energy density, making them suitable for various applications, including electric vehicles and aerospace.

Table 12: OXIS Energy Battery Features

Battery TypeApplicationsKey Features
Lithium-Sulfur batteryElectric Vehicles, Aerospace, MarineLightweight design, Improved safety, Superior energy density

6.3 Case Study

OXIS Energy has collaborated with several international partners to further Li-S battery technology. One notable project is their work with Airbus Defence and Space to develop an advanced Li-S battery system for aerospace applications, demonstrating the potential of this technology for the future of aerospace.

7. Steatite Batteries

7.1 Overview

With a history spanning over 80 years, Steatite is a well-established name in the UK battery manufacturing industry. They specialise in custom battery packs for challenging applications across numerous sectors, including defense, marine, and oil and gas.

Table 13: Steatite Batteries Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
Steatite BatteriesWorcestershire, UK1938Custom Battery Packs

7.2 Battery Range and Features

Steatite designs and assembles custom battery packs using a wide range of chemistries, including lithium-ion, lithium polymer, and nickel-metal hydride. They focus on providing power solutions that meet the unique requirements of harsh and demanding environments.

Table 14: Steatite Batteries Features

Battery TypeApplicationsKey Features
Lithium-ion, Lithium Polymer, Nickel-Metal HydrideDefence, Marine, Oil and GasCustom design, Suitable for harsh and demanding environments

7.3 Case Study

Steatite was commissioned to develop a custom battery pack for a leading underwater vehicle manufacturer. The battery had to be capable of operating under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Steatite’s solution met these demanding specifications, underlining their expertise in designing batteries for challenging applications.

8. BMM Energy Solutions

8.1 Overview

Founded in 2009, BMM Energy Solutions specialises in providing high-quality charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. They offer an extensive range of charging solutions, making them a significant player in the electric vehicle industry.

Table 15: BMM Energy Solutions Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
BMM Energy SolutionsEssex, UK2009EV Charging Solutions

8.2 Battery Range and Features

BMM Energy Solutions doesn’t manufacture batteries per se, but instead focuses on the other side of the equation: electric vehicle charging solutions. Their product portfolio includes home, commercial, and rapid chargers, with an emphasis on reliability and performance.

Table 16: BMM Energy Solutions Features

Product TypeApplicationsKey Features
EV Charging SolutionsHome, Commercial, Public AreasReliability, High performance

8.3 Case Study

In 2018, BMM Energy Solutions was appointed by Gridserve to install the charging infrastructure for the UK’s first ‘Electric Forecourt’. This pioneering project involved the installation of multiple rapid chargers, providing an important blueprint for the future of EV charging infrastructure.

9. Excel Batteries

9.1 Overview

Founded in 1990, Excel Batteries is a family-owned business that specialises in providing bespoke battery solutions to a wide range of industries, including medical, military, and industrial sectors.

Table 17: Excel Batteries Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
Excel BatteriesBirmingham, UK1990Bespoke Battery Solutions

9.2 Battery Range and Features

Excel Batteries designs and assembles custom battery packs using different chemistries, including Lithium, Nickel Cadmium, and Nickel Metal Hydride. Their batteries are known for their high quality and tailored solutions to suit specific industry requirements.

Table 18: Excel Batteries Features

Battery TypeApplicationsKey Features
Lithium, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal HydrideMedical, Military, IndustrialCustom design, High Quality

9.3 Case Study

Excel Batteries has provided custom battery solutions to various industries. One notable example is their bespoke medical battery packs used in life-critical applications, such as defibrillators, where reliability and performance are paramount.

Pioneering Power: Top 10 Battery Manufacturers in the UK

10. Denchi Group

10.1 Overview

Founded in 2005, Denchi Group is a leading supplier of batteries and chargers to the defence sector. They pride themselves on their ability to provide reliable and safe power solutions.

Table 19: Denchi Group Basic Information

Company NameHeadquartersYear FoundedSpecialty
Denchi GroupThurso, Scotland, UK2005Batteries for Defence Sector

10.2 Battery Range and Features

Denchi Group offers a range of Lithium-ion batteries, renowned for their reliability, safety, and high energy density. Their batteries are designed to meet the demanding requirements of defence applications.

Table 20: Denchi Group Battery Features

Battery TypeApplicationsKey Features
Lithium-ion batteryDefenceReliability, Safety, High energy density

10.3 Case Study

Denchi Group’s batteries power many UK Ministry of Defence platforms. They have earned a reputation for their products’ reliability and safety, becoming the go to supplier for the defence sector’s energy needs. One of their significant projects was supplying batteries for the UK MoD’s ‘Foxhound’ and ‘Mastiff’ armoured vehicles, underlining their specialty in delivering power solutions for demanding military applications.


The United Kingdom’s battery manufacturing industry is diverse, catering to various sectors including automotive, defence, and renewable energy. The top 10 battery manufacturers in the UK, as discussed in this article, demonstrate expertise in different types of battery technologies and applications, ranging from lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles to custom battery packs for harsh environments.

These manufacturers are continually innovating to meet the increasing global demand for efficient, reliable, and sustainable energy storage solutions. Their efforts are not only contributing to the growth of the UK’s battery manufacturing industry but also playing a crucial role in the broader global shift towards cleaner and more sustainable energy solutions.

As we move towards a future where batteries will play an increasingly significant role in our lives, the contributions of these UK manufacturers will undoubtedly continue to be of utmost importance. Their continuous innovation and commitment to quality make the UK one of the leaders in the global battery manufacturing landscape.


  1. What is the leading battery manufacturer in the UK?
    • There isn’t a definitive answer as it depends on the specific market sector. However, companies like Johnson Matthey Battery Systems, Britishvolt, and AMTE Power are significant players in the industry.
  2. Which UK battery manufacturer focuses on electric vehicles (EVs)?
    • Britishvolt and Hyperdrive Innovation are two manufacturers that primarily focus on the EV market, providing high-performance lithium-ion batteries.
  3. Are there UK battery manufacturers that specialise in defence applications?
    • Yes, Denchi Group is one UK manufacturer known for its robust and reliable batteries designed specifically for defence applications.
  4. Which companies in the UK manufacture lithium-ion batteries?
    • Many UK companies manufacture lithium-ion batteries, including Johnson Matthey Battery Systems, Britishvolt, Hyperdrive Innovation, AMTE Power, and Denchi Group.
  5. Do any UK companies focus on battery charging infrastructure?
    • Yes, BMM Energy Solutions specialises in providing high-quality charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

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